Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Glenn Case - Lies

I have a new album called "Lies".

No, that is not an April Fools' joke.

Feel free to listen to it first on Spotify. (Honestly, that is what I would do.)

The album is available in digital format for now. No CDs planned yet.

If you like it enough to want to buy it, CDBaby has it for a fairly reasonable price, and I actually get a very fair amount of the money from the sales there. Sale price for April 1st is $4.73. (It will have to do.)

You can also buy it on Amazon or iTunes if you are so inclined. In fact, it should be available at virtually any online music retailer you can think of.

Want the see the credits and/or lyrics? Download them here. 

Special thanks to Rachael Layne, Mo Ouyang, Joshua Martin, Brandon Humphreys, Brian C. Baer and Tracy Aronson for helping me make the album.

Me? I am probably going to be playing Pac-Man on Google Maps as much as possible today.

Hope you enjoy the new album! I have much more planned this year. Stay tuned!


Glenn Case

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